Spork Can't Sleep

so she stays up and watches movies instead!

Detention (2011)  - This movie is silly and it makes no sense.  But it’s fun.  And you get to see Dane Cook get murdered.  So that’s something.
The Den (2013) - Started out with a lot of potential, then devolved into tired torture porn. 
The Sacrament (2013) - Boring Jonestown rehash.
Workday Cinema:  Suicide Circle (2002)  J-Pop is going to kill your face.
Now Watching: The Big Easy (1987)  Some of my comfort movies, I am not emotionally equipped to watch right now, so guilty pleasures it is!   Watch out for the Gator, Baby!
Laundry Cinema:  Horns (2014)
Workday Cinema:  Enemy Mine ( 1985 ) Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr. star in a science fiction tale of interstellar gay marriage.
Workday Cinema:  Casting By (2012)

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I don’t reblog very often, but I want so badly for this project to succeed.   This is my grandparents house.   So much of my heart resides there…

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Workday Cinema:  Nymphomaniac Volume 1 (2013)I’m like 5 minutes in and I can already tell I’m not going to like it.